Being a kid in your 20’s is way more fun

Side note:  Don’t hate on him for gaming

For weeks now Collin has been eagerly anticipating the release of Dark Souls 2.  By eagerly, I mean setting aside an entire day in both our [INSANE] schedules and purposefully pre-ordering the PS3 version of the game so that I could spend the day snuggling next to him on the couch following the game with him and googling queries when needed.  As fun as it is to watch Collin game, I’m usually more keen for story line games like Bioshock Infinite or the soon to be released Child of Light (tOtally amped for that!) which is in fact coop and perfect for us (and like minded couples) to venture through together snuggled on the couch.

He was so keen on this Dark Souls 2 day, the last thing I was going to do was give him a free pass to cancel on that next thing I’d have to nag him to do.  So I got popcorn, drinks, snacks, some decent android games {check out the room} and decided to make it a day to wind down, chill out and support my very excited boyfriend fiance.  That was the plan, until this morning Toy Kingdom did the most bron-pleasing thing imaginable.  Over 50% off the Lord of the Rings Lego sets!!wat!?!

dark souls 2 & LOTR lego

Collin & Bron escape from reality for a day

I set up my Orc Forge building blocks on the coffee table in front of the TV and ahead of us was a day full of “Bron, check out this insane boss!” and “Oooh! Collin, look what I made.”


Granted, within about 2 hours (including many pauses for frantic DS2 googling and supportively watching and rewatching and rerewatching intense boss fights) I had ended up with


complete with moving parts and a light up lego brick furnace (for the iron smelting)

… and he was still dying… and dying… and dying… dying


But by this time, I felt the day was fulfilling enough, and snuggled satisfied next to him all supportive and googling and useful (tea, coffee, snacks and supper don’t make themselves).

At the end of this day, I am so excited about my new LOTR lego set to accompany the few I’ve collected so far:

Bilbo & Frodo

Bilbo & Gollum

Elves, dwarves & Spiders

I’ve come to realize (though I had the same realization at Disney Land) that being a kid is way more fun in your 20’s {and most likely older, will let you know from experience later}.  When you have your own money to (sometimes when Toy Kingdom has an insane special) support your own interests, and a lot more appreciation and respect for that money spent. And memories are more concrete, and fun comes between work and life in short intense doses.

          As for Collin,dd5

So, on a final, moral, and relationship saving note, when you’re with a gamer, before hating on him/her for gaming, consider:

  • that list of things you used to have time for when you were single that you regret dropping ~ here’s your time
  • those times you’re needing him to be willing to do your thing, especially when he just reeeeeally does not want to ><
  • doing different things together in the same room
  • how great he’s going to relate to his kids one day
  • how gaming and technology are worth having a fair amount of general knowledge on in today’s society – ask, watch, learn!
  • finding games he’s willing to play and you’re willing to watch {Bioshock, Final Fantasy, Fable}
  • finding fun coop games you can play together with minimum tension {Portal, Little Big Planet, Child of Light}
  • not needing to have every single thing in common
  • loving him for who he is

~ Happy dying, Dark Souls 2 players ^^,


1 thought on “Being a kid in your 20’s is way more fun

  1. Very cute article Bron ^^

    Please list more PlayStation (3 or 4) games that we can play together! So far we’ve done Little Big Planet, Ratchet & Clank and Knack. Also going to check out Child of Light =D

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