Brunch and Bridesmaids

A special request for 4 special ladies

So yesterday marked 2 months of being engaged to my Collin man person.  We had decided on the night that we’d wait 2 months to get through his wow raiding [a new patch] and my exam studies before taking on any wedding planning-ness.  It wasn’t so much that I was counting down the seconds (which was probably as much a distraction as wedding planning itself would’ve been) but also a happy coincidence that my sister and her boyfriend were visiting this weekend.  So I had to take up the opportunity to start the nuptial planning process by asking my best girls to be my bridesmaids.

The weather played along, and Saturday was a beautiful sun-shining, bright day.  I set up a table outside complete with bunny, bunting and brunchables.

brunch table

brunch table

For each of my lady people I had a gift box which on the lid read “he popped the question, now it’s my turn…” and opened to read:

giftExcept for my longest girl friend person Kelly’s which read, “Will you be my Maid of Honor?”

Inside each box was:


  • a personal letter
  • a magnetic photo of the two of us saying “team bride”
  • a ring of shocking value and astounding quality
  • a flash with mind maps of my wedding dreams
  • and a pretty necklace for the pretty ladies ❤


I cannot wait to start all the fun wedding planning, and to share this time with my amazing girls.  I know full well that the wedding is about the marriage, and I’m so excited to spend my life in matrimony with my Collin man through the good and bad and all.  I look forward to my whole life with him with all my heart.  But considering that my plans are life long, this is my one time to be a bride, and I’m planning to enjoy it thoroughly and embrace it completely.

Now I have a team of the most awesome ladies to share the whole crazy, cheesy, exciting experience with ^^,.  Love you girls lots, Kelly, Amy, Cailtin & Jamie.


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