Engaged – The Story

[Spoiler] He proposed! I said yes! We’re engaged!

The rest of this blog post is for the close friends, family and  romantics who love the details.

For a month or two now, Collin’s been planning quite a romantic scheme of a proposal. Flowers, and friends and champagne, going down on one knee and the perfectly planned speech.  The entire proposal was magical, except it wasn’t any thing like that at all.

Collin got home last night from the gym (yes gym, I did not misspell dota, or wow, or game – gym), tired, sore and sweaty, to find me sitting on my bed with my hoodie over my head and my face red and my hair matted in tears – pretty!  What lead up to this point was a horrible weekend of stress, anxiety, arguing and a total of about 4 hours sleep the entire weekend – one of those times in life when it feels like every direction you look there’s a problem and every problem feels unsolvable.  I promise this is the same story that ends in a magical proposal.

As Collin walked in and found me in this mess of a state, I was about to unleash my self pitying rant on him when he took one look at me and said, “just one second, I promise I’ll be right back, I just Have to go pee first.”  I hadn’t noticed at all that he was only gone for a total of about 10 seconds before he was back in my room and sat down in front of me.  So there we sat cross legged on the bed, sweaty and sore, sobbing and a mess, and both utterly exhausted. I poured out my entire soul to him in wines and sobs and he just sat listening and looking at me.  When I finally paused to take in whatever soothing, sympathetic response I expected him to give me, he reached into his pocket and pulled out the box.


Instantly my sobs of panic and anxiety changed to sobs of complete surprise and elation – note I was still sobbing, possibly even worse.  I only wish I could remember the exact words and everything he said, wow proposal would’ve had logs ><. But I do remember him starting to say how this was the right moment because this was us, not that we’re two sad self pitying humans who never sleep and cry and gym all the time, but that we’re messy, and emotional, and care sooooo much for each other – that’s us. Well he started to say this, when the stove started beeeeeping, to be followed by my phone which suddenly decided to make every noise it knew all in a row. By this point my sobbing has turned to giggling and Collin is soldiering on in his speech.  Of what I can remember, he went on to talk about how imperfect our lives have been for the past 5 years, and how much we love each other through everything and how sorry he is, but he will not be going down on one knee because gymming sucked. Haha I’m smiling so much just recalling all this. Putting in a disclaimer that this was the part of the speech he’d been practicing, he went on to remind me about how he asked me out by saying “I have a business proposal for you” and continued, “Our business has been mutually beneficial and I want to extend the arrangement.”


It got to the moment, and Collin started with, “Bronwyn Marion Flanigan”, and then shared the words, “Will you marry me?” with a duck crash landing on the roof with a bang. I handed him my hand to put the ring on, and my ring finger (of all fingers) had sauce on it from the food I’d been cooking.  After cleaning off the bbq, he slipped on the ring – too big. But sparkly!! SO sparkly. I sparkle now.  One of my favorite things about the entire proposal is that I’ve known for a while now that he’s had the ring, and I’ve been anticipating the moment and assumed I’d know exactly what was happening when it finally did happen.  Could NOT have been more wrong, could not have expected it less at that very messy moment when he pulled the box out of his pocket.


Magical. Utterly and splendidly imperfect.  I said yes.


We enjoyed the rest of the evening together at the Durbanville Cattle Baron – where we went on our first anniversary we weren’t apart (long distance sucked). Happy now 🙂


1 thought on “Engaged – The Story

  1. This is great Bronwyn (sounds a bit like Mom and my story haha!) so happy for you and Collin, you are ‘better together’ … luv dad

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