Jesus & Bron’s Joint Birthday Party

My Christmas Themed 25th Party

Bron Bday Invite

Presents for everyone!!

 My birthday is on the 8th of December, and for the entire of my comprehensible life I’ve had a rule in my family to keep Christmas decor in the cupboard until the 9th of December, Jesus can wait his turn, He has after all had a good 2000 more birthdays than me.

Last year, however, I gave in and decided to deck the halls early and combine the festivities.

Should’ve done that years ago, what a jolly, festive, merry event!  Decor was a breeze and a blast.  Cheapest event decor ever, considering it was all already in our cupboards.  So besides the tree, string lights, baubles, stars and tinsel, I spent the extra money and effort on:

  • Cookies & chocolate milk of course374396_10151530123718066_688523060_n
  • Gingerbread house birthday cake – that lights up (well that had cheap battery operated LED christmas lights crammed inside, but still how cool right!!) Best birthday cake EVER! I’m so good at this ><Screen shot 2013-08-16 at 9.31.43 AMScreen shot 2013-08-16 at 9.31.15 AMScreen shot 2013-08-16 at 9.32.01 AM
  • Brown paper christmas stockings filled with m&m’sScreen shot 2013-08-16 at 9.38.39 AM
  • A christmas roast buffet – which looked and tasted a lot fancier than the effort that went into it.  If you’re catering a christmas dinner for 20+ people from one little oven, and it’s also your birthday (so why should you do all the work), use creative initiative and buy 3 pre roasted chickens, a tray full of roasted lamb and a tray full of roasted beef from a Spar deli.  But do bake a tray full of potatoes and a tray full of carrots and onions and have a pot of rice on the stove, both to save some money and to (appear to) totally be slaving away in the kitchen when you dish out the feast.Screen shot 2013-08-16 at 9.38.12 AM
  • Ice cream & star shaped watermelon for dessert. ❤ cookie cutters.  Also because it’s so cute and christmassy, you can get away with styrofoam cups – after party dishes? pfft what dishes.60804_10151530158628066_1808241245_n
  • Hand made christmas crackers filled with mini chocolates, christmas jokes (picked by me) and the random number for the:
  • Present game – where each person brings a present worth R20; piles them all up under the tree; and starting with person #1, s/he picks any present and opens it; then person #2 gets to either steal person #1’s gift (in which case #1 repicks from the pile) or pick a new one to open; so person #3 gets to choose between #1, #2 and the piles gifts and so on.  And so everyone got a present at my party – I didn’t mind, spirit of Christmas and all68613_10151530143983066_1694205676_n
  • And of course a christmas soundtrack – no thanks to Justin Bieber

This was one of my favorite parties so far.  I was tempted to ignore the birthday completely and it’s insinuations of a gradual decline to 30 (not that 30’s old, but just so grown up sounding ><), but I’m terribly glad I didn’t.  It’s the most fun I’ve ever had planning an event, and it was the easiest party to enjoy, for everyone.  Who’s gonna complain when there’s presents for everyone and a cake with more sweets than cake.  And if there wasn’t enough entertainment already, Collin had to oblige.


5 thoughts on “Jesus & Bron’s Joint Birthday Party

  1. and it was sooooooo nice thanks you. There were so many peeps crammed into the flat ! Well, the video of Collin trying to catch and eat the ball on the Christmas hat – priceless !! L & N

  2. Dear Bronwyn M Flanigan

    It has come to my attention that there is a recurring theme of mockery and foolishness, primarily directed at your significant other, occurring throughout your posts.

    You will be hearing from my lawyers shortly.
    Good day to you.

    ~Mr Collin J Murray.

    • Hello Mr Collin J Murray

      Unless you would never like to get another cup of tea during a wow raid in your life time again, please inform your ‘lawyers’ that you were merely trying to promote my posts.
      Which is actually the truth isn’t it? Except for the part about having lawyers.

      Kindest regards


  3. If ther was a like button id like Collins msg. awesome work Bron your party was a blast and you always do such a good job planning events for everyone to enjoy. Great blog to enjoyed reading it.

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