Knights & Princesses

My 21st Birthday

This was my opportunity to immerse myself and everyone I loved into the fantasy world of knights, princesses, bravery, dresses, candle lit feasts and dancing.  It was also my first real opportunity to engage in my eager and creatively frustrated skills in events coordination.  Huzzah – success!

My enticing, thematic, personalized was not to be resisted

I enticed my guests to join in the festivities with thematic, personalized invitations which I printed as Jumbo photographs and to this day I happen upon them on the occasional relative or friend’s fridge. This is occurring less and less, but I’ll consider letting it slide, on account of it being 5 years ago and such.

In all honesty though, I can highly recommend taking the extra hour or two to personalize your invites. Nothing like seeing your name printed in high gloss to urge on the obligations.

What I loved most about my party, besides the fact that I was the utmost center of attention, and besides my dearest Duncan friend singing me my favorite song, and also besides my own personal Templar Knight of a Collin saying wonderful and true things about me in front of everyone else that I love and some that I also envied (righteous moments like these keep us going), what I loved most was how much everyone contributed to make it happen.

895_53711895629_8220_nFrom decor:

  • Candle sticks pre-melted over bottles
  • fairy lights
  • hessian table cloths
  • tables and chairs arranged in a horse shoe format
  • a conveniently medieval feeling venue with stone walls, a stair case, and chandeliers
  • mass amounts of tea light candles
  • a burning fire place – or in our death by summer in South African December case, a fire place decorated with tea lights on the logs of wood – a very pretty solution by a darling Kirsty friend
  • walls hung with (well designed) banners, medieval weaponry, and of course, a family crest – which should be made with love by your benevolent father (thank you Daddy ^^,)

To dessert:

  • manageable ice cream scoops with (I really can’t remember but would’ve been as good as) sticky chocolate pudding
  • precursor-ed by trays of medieval styled appetizers (which I quickly learnt can never be enough and was rescued by my heroic Mom and her friends who managed to flesh out the food in the moment of crisis)
  • in turn precursor-ed by a welcoming tot of sherry

my troop of victims

Favors were flying in from any friend or family who could spare them, and some who couldn’t. A friend of a friend made me a dress, a troop of hard working victims helped set up and clean up, and everyone made a genuine effort to suit up to theme.  A community made event guarantees success – if success for you is enjoying yourself utterly and thoroughly.  You cannot not enjoy an evening you were involved in the making of.

And one cannot forget or excuse that one smart arsed Jenna friend who rocks up as the dead princess. ^_-

myself & Jenna as Princess Di

myself & Jenna as Princess Di


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